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Bearded Dragon Cages:Build/Buy the right Terrarium Today

There are many great bearded dragon cages that you can find these days including ones that can be close to a hundred gallons in size. A great cage can be large and spacious while still allowing hot air to move around so your beardie can stay happy. You must watch what you are doing when finding a cage. You also have to think about how well your cage can handle many of the things that are important for when you’re trying to create a good Bearded Dragon ​tanks for the dragon to live in.

Bearded dragon cage

​Bearded dragons never want to be handled, petted or even looked at. That is why getting a cage is crucial. If you are a reptile lover, getting your dragon a cage is the first thing you should do. But do you know how to get the best? Look at some accessories that come with the cage.  The design, size, and style are some of the factors to consider. Well, we will take you through some pointers.

​How to build a bearded dragon cage

1. The Size

Your enclosure should be a minimum of 48 inches- length-  which is about 4ft. Don't' make your dragon feel squeezed. The more you give it space, the better. Having a ft (4 x2 x 2) seems a good size for your bearded dragon. It will be easier when setting up the temperature.  Thermoregulation is vital for your reptile pet. Having a 4ft in length eliminates the fear of how high the cage should be. This is because some dragons are semi-arboreal. Remember increasing the height of the enclosure will introduce further issues. The heat gradient required for thermoregulation might not be correct.

2. Material

Usually, bearded dragon cages come in two types. One with wooden sliding glass doors and another one made full of glass. The wooden enclosure is cheaper to buy than glass cage. But it is not only affordable, but it is also much easier to control the temperatures. Wooden bearded dragon cage is therefore ideal come winter and summer.

3. Heating

Heating is an essential aspect for a bearded dragon. It helps in thermoregulation. Having a hot and a cold end enables your reptile pet to control their body temperature. Bearded dragon requires heat for digestion. Hence, having a warm side in the cage will allow them to have proper food digestion. It, therefore, allows food to rot in their stomach. However, having a too hot cage can cause your dragon to overheat. It can make the dragon die or get extremely sick. You should create a gradient with the following temperatures;

  • Cool End – Should be between 23.5 – 29.5 degree Celsius, or 85 F
  • Basking spot temperature – It should be between 40.6 – 43.5 degree Celsius or 110 F

4. Thermostats

To achieve the required temperatures, you then need to have a thermostat. It allows temperature control at the cold end of the cage. You can also adjust the temperature at the basking spot. This is to help you get the right humid.  You are required to attach the thermostat to the basking plug and set to 25C.

With the above tips, you are, therefore, assured of buying the best-bearded dragon cage.

​Best Bearded dragon cages for sale

1. EXO Terra Allglass Terrarium

There are over 10,000 species, both reptiles, and amphibians. They all vary in size and height. A terrarium is without the doubt that it is the best cage for keeping your reptile pet.  Various species have different requirements, therefore, having an adaptable terrarium is vital.

The EXO Terra Allglass Terrarium is your ideal bearded dragon cage. It is explicitly designed to make your pet comfortable.

Dual Doors

This cage is designed with double front opening doors. It allows easy access to feeding, maintenance and misting. During maintenance, it is advisable to keep one door closed all the times. It reduces the risk of reptile escaping. It also prevents a feeder insect getting out. Additionally, it helps in maintaining better humidity and heat inside. Getting pivoting doors will be much superior to sliding doors. This is because debris and sand can cause the sliding doors to jam.

Removable Stainless Steel Cover

The top screen allows natural penetration of infrared and UVB rays. It is removable or replaceable. It helps during decoration, cleaning and also feeding. The durable rocks attached to each side assists in securing the screen. Additionally, the top has built-in inlets- on both sides. This secures tubing and wires inside the terrarium. It helps in keeping feeder insects and small reptiles inside the cage.


When it comes to bearded dragon cages, security is a priority. These reptiles can be dangerous especially to kids. The locks help in preventing unnecessary opening by children. 

Raised Bottom Frame

The bottom glass panel of Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium is lifted. This is to facilitate the mounting of heat cable. It also prevents heating accessory problems that associate with aquarium style. It allows air circulation by keeping the entire bottom floor ventilated.

Waterproof base

The front lower panel is highly fixed. This allows deep layers of the substrate. It can also get used in creating water features. Every cage is tested for leaks.

Natural- looking Rock Background

Reptiles are known to live rocky places. This background in the terrarium provides a natural habitat look. It enables the species to adapt to the environment quickly. It also offers an extra climbing design opportunities. It also gives space for tubing and running cords from top to bottom.

Enlarged Bottom Surface

This type of bearded dragon cage is deep that any Aquarium-type. The extensive ground gives ample space needed for dessert. It allows your dragon thrive. It measures 18 x 36 x 18 which is 58 pounds.


When it comes to Bearded Dragon cages, it is essential to get prepared financially. It might not cost you your entire fortune, but you will not get it a throw-away price. Pricing depends on the material, size, lighting, among other factors.

2. Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

When it comes to making your dragon comfortable, then Tetra 20 Gallon is your ideal choice. Coming from a top brand, it has managed to find its stability in the marketplace.

It enables you to achieve the best performance that you have always desired from an aquarium. The manufacturers design it with your bearded dragon in their mind.

Picking the best cage can be daunting. Looking for various aspects will get you more confused. But this kit comes with everything that you want.

LED Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for decoration. Every pet lover desires to have an attractive cage. LED light will enable you to achieve that illuminating look. Spending money now and they for other types of bulbs will leave you drained financially. However, LED lighting lasts long compared to different kinds of bulbs. It will save you energy, effort, and money. It also provides the right wavelength that is safe for your fish.

Water Heater

Keeping a balanced temperature is vital. Water heater and filter ensure that the environment in the aquarium remains proper. Filter help infiltration, leaving you with clean water for your fish. It is designed to be easy to set-up, cleaning and maintaining it. The cartridges are easy to change to ensure filtration does not get halted. On the other hand, water heater ensures that proper temperature is maintained for the fish survival.

Artificial Plant

The beauty of nature always illuminates. It gives aquarium the best look. Artificial plants resemble real plant in the river, lake or even in the sea. It makes the decoration better in all aspects. People who have no ideal will tend to think its real water plant. The plants act as a shelter where the fish can hide to reduce stress.  It is no doubt you would; love the look.


Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium kit is made of scratch resistant glass. It accentuates class and style. Apart from being an excellent shelter for your fish, it will leave your house or office decorated. The scratch resistant glass material ensures that it remains undamaged. Its durability is impeccable. It is worth every penny. It also means children cannot tamper with it. Hence it's secure to use. The glass material also allows penetration of natural light


​20 Gallon Kit is durable, sturdy yet affordable. It is such a rare combination. That is why it is not hard to see why people hail this Tetra tank.

3. Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Mayan

To end our list is this great bearded dragon cage. If you love reptiles or amphibians, then you have the real deal.

It is explicitly designed for housing by European herpetologists.

Front Opening Doors

These opening doors allow easy access to the cage. It also makes it easy for cleaning, feeding, and maintenance. The pivoting doors are better compared to sliding doors. This is causing sliding glass can halt due to sand and other debris.

Specially designed Lock

Bearded dragon cages need to get protected. Some reptiles are dangerous. That is why the lock is vital. It keeps the cage safe, preventing the swift escape of your dragon. The doors can also open separately.

The Top Screen

Terra Glass Terrarium has a full-screen ventilation that allows infrared and UVB to penetrate. The top is also removable for easy access. This is more helpful for feeding, maintenance, and cleaning.

5 Closable Wires

These wires are located at the back of the screen cover. The inlets on both sides are allowing tubing. It allows the installation of waterfalls, heat Wave Rocks and sensors. Its bottom is raised for substrate heater. It heats some of the extended ground sources to the required temperature.

Natural Background

Exo Terra background is a true definition of art. It gives the incredible natural look and creates dimensional habitat. It is essential for climbing reptiles. The color and texture display a perfectly harmonized environment. The rocky surface accentuates beauty, humid or dry surface.


Terra Glass is one of the most preferred bearded dragon cages. When you look around, you will not fail to understand why it gets praises.

How to Care for ​bearded dragon terrarium

When it comes to dragon cages, hygiene becomes a priority. 

​i.  Keep your Tank Ready

A clean habitat is a necessity to your dragon. Keep the tank ready to support the life of your pet. Ensure it has the desert-life it deserves. Get few plants that it can eat. Get plenty of sand and rocky surfaces. Apart from all these features, ensure you have the right size.

​ii. Check the Lighting

Dragons live in deserts where there is plenty of sunlight. Therefore, solar lighting is essential to the survival of the bearded dragon. It gives it the necessary vitamin D that makes it body sturdy. You can opt to use natural lighting but adding artificial light will be much beneficial. Use LED lighting which is durable and light up for long.

​iii. Heating

Keeping your dragon comfortable is your core responsibility. Heating the cages will make the dragon feel to be in a similar habitat as a desert. But be keen not to overheat. It can cause illness or kills the dragon.

​iv. Clean the Cage

Over time, you will realize that the cage is smelling. This is due to excretions and the mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases. As you deserve living in clean habitat, so is your pet. Clean the cage regularly. It will not only keep odorless, but it is healthy for the bearded dragon. It will prevent illness.

Having the best-bearded dragon cages is a fulfilling desire. Seeing your pet comfortable, healthy and peaceful is exhilarating. You can achieve this by taking great care of it. Prepare in advance to host it. Take care of it.

Final Verdict

Getting the best cage can be daunting. Picking the right one need extensive research. Take time to understand different models, features, and durability. You would not want to buy a cage that has a poor heating system or inadequate ventilation. Sometimes, it is advisable to get away from sparkle and glitter. Settle for the quality.

Some bearded dragon cages are cheap, but that does not mean they have poor quality. With the above three cages, you cannot go wrong in keeping your reptile pet comfortable. They are readily available in the market. Additionally, they are affordable.