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Bearded Dragon Cages

There are many great bearded dragon cages that you can find these days including ones that can be close to a hundred gallons in size. A great cage can be large and spacious while still allowing hot air to move around so your beardie can stay happy. You must watch what you are doing when finding a cage. You also have to think about how well your cage can handle many of the things that are important for when you’re trying to create a good Bearded Dragon Cages for the dragon to live in.

How Big Should It Be?

The size of your cage is clearly the first thing to find. A younger dragon can live in a cage that is about twenty to thirty gallons in size but it will definitely need a larger space as it grows in size. Specifically, a cage that is about a hundred gallons in size is recommended as it offers plenty of open space for your dragon and will not be too hard to go around in.

Avoid Wire

Glass is the best thing to have on all bearded dragon cages. Wire is not recommended as it will not retain heat. The heat within the cage can easily seep out and make it harder for your dragon to get the proper heat that it demands. It can also be easy to cut apart and break off.

Also, wire can be a pointed material. A dragon can injure itself by poking at the wire and getting caught in a tight spot here.

Look For the Heating Source

A bearded dragon cage must have a spot that lets you secure a strong heat source. A good heating bulb should be anchored to the side of a cage to keep plenty of heat moving into the cage the right way. The bulb must be covered to where the dragon will not touch it but it should be able to radiate heat.

The heat must not disturb the physical build of the cage. The cage needs to be made with a strong glass surface to keep it healthy and less likely to buckle. The cage must also be clear enough to allow light to reflect in the cage.

Can You Clean It Easily?

You need to think about how well you can clean off your cage so your dragon will stay healthy. You should keep your dragon’s cage cleaned off on a regular basis so it will not be at risk of hurting your dragon. See if your cage can be disassembled carefully for cleaning purposes; look for something that has panels you can take apart if possible. You can take out individual panels in a cage and wash them with a mixture of bleach and water.

Bearded Dragon CagesSpeaking of which, try and use ten parts of water for every part of bleach in your mixture. This is to help you kill off bacteria without being at risk of making the wall surfaces toxic.

Use a Comfortable Substrate

The substrate is not a part of a cage that people often think about but it’s essential as it will create a comfortable surface for your dragon to be on. You need to use a good surface like a reptile carpet or even old newspapers.

The cage is important here as it needs to be designed to where the substrate can be removed and replaced as needed. Bearded Dragon Cages that gives you enough room to anchor your substrate down to the floor can work wonders for your care needs.

Your bearded dragon needs to be placed in a comfortable habitat. Any bearded dragon cage that you want to use should be conducive towards creating a habitat that it will easily thrive in for years to come.

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