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Bearded Dragon Care

As great as having a bearded dragon can be, you need to watch what you are doing when taking care of your beardie. There are many parts of Bearded Dragon Care that you cannot afford to ignore. Much of this involves your dragon’s dietary needs although it also requires a good amount of heat to keep it happy and comfortable no matter where its habitat is located.

Get Plenty of Water

Bearded Dragon CareWater is critical to a bearded dragon’s life. You need to get a small and shallow water dish out for your beardie every day. Make sure the water is clean and safe to drink.

You can also spray a bit of clean water onto your dragon’s skin. Your beardie will lick the moisture off during the course of the day; this is a normal behavior of all beardies and will ensure that they can stay hydrated. Again, be careful with how the water works and make sure it is fully clean and safe for the dragon to consume.

Check on the Insects

You need to give your beardie plenty of insects for it to have a healthy diet. In particular, you must have plenty of live crickets and worms to give to your dragon.

A younger beardie can be fed every day. You can always feed an older one every other day to keep it nourished and happy.

Make sure the insects are alive and healthy before feeding them to your beardie. Dead insects contain bacteria that can be dangerous for them to consume.

Keep Plenty of Calcium

Calcium is needed to keep the dragon’s scales healthy. You can always use a calcium powder dust on your dragon’s skin to allow it to absorb itself into the body. This is the best option as the dragon cannot actually absorb the calcium by simply using an oral calcium component.

Avoid Fats and Fiber

Fatty foods and fiber-rich foods are not good for any bearded dragon. They contain too many harmful components that might be hard for a dragon to digest. Be sure to check on any fruits or vegetables you want to feed to your dragon and make sure they are comfortable enough without containing any bothersome fats or fiber deposits in them.

Add Vegetables As the Dragon Gets Older

While insects are great for any dragon, you need to keep from giving an adult too many of them. Make sure you focus more on non-fibrous vegetables when getting an older dragon’s diet running. About half of the diet should consist of vegetables at an adult age. You can use insects and fruits evenly for the other half.

Watch For the Heat

Bearded Dragon CareThe heat within your beardie’s habitat should be checked properly so it will be healthy and comfortable. A good habitat needs to be about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A good heating light can be used in the habitat to keep it comfortable. An insulated habitat that is properly covered and secured can especially keep the heat inside while ensuring the dragon will stay in a consistent environment. A heating light will especially work well if it provides the dragon with UVB light needed to keep its scales healthy and less likely to wear out easily.

As hot as this is, this is a critical part of Bearded Dragon Care to use. This is to keep your beardie comfortable and to ensure its scales are properly relaxed. The heat can also help with keeping calcium inside the body so its scales will not wear out easily.

Keep your bearded dragon taken care of right with the best plans for bearded dragon care and you’ll certainly have a happy beardie in your house. You must especially be aware of the dragon’s diet so it will be healthy and a little easier to control over time.

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