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Bearded Dragon Habitat

You must keep your bearded dragon’s habitat as comfortable and safe as possible. In particular, you need to create a Bearded Dragon Habitat that is easy for your dragon to enjoy. There are many things you can do to make this all possible.

Add a Good Substrate

The substrate refers to whatever your dragon will be lying down on. The substrate has to be made with a strong body that features a surface that will not irritate your dragon. Specifically, it cannot be sharp and pointy to where its scales can be harmed.

Bearded Dragon HabitatOld newspapers or an animal carpet surface can be useful as they are soft and will not bother the dragon’s scales. You must avoid anything that can puncture your dragon’s scales; that means you should avoid kitty litter, wood shavings and other items that have points on them.

Keep a Good Temperature

A temperature of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit is strongly recommended for when you’re trying to keep your dragon comfortable. The temperature can go down to about 70 degrees at night.

A basking light can be added to the inside of the habitat to create a good amount of heat. Make sure the heat is comfortable and that the dragon is not placed in a condition where it can tough the light and burn itself.

A heating pad can also be added under the cage to keep it comfortable. A heating pad can be added until the base of the cage to allow heat to radiate upward and into the habitat. This should keep your dragon comfortable and relaxed for a while.

Getting Water Ready

It’s important to give your dragon a little spraying every day so it will have moisture to lick off throughout the entire day. However, it is even more important for the dragon to have a small bowl of water to consume during the day.

A small amount of water is recommended as it ensures the dragon will have something to take in during the course of a typical day. The bowl must especially be clean.

You must especially clean off the bowl and replace the water on a regular basis. This is to keep the habitat healthy and free from bacteria that might come about in standing water deposits that have been around for a while.

Keeping Light Ready

You need plenty of light in your habitat to keep your dragon healthy. Bearded dragon habitats often feature light sources that include UVB light that comes from a special heating lamp. You can use this in conjunction with a heater to give your dragon the UVB light it needs to keep its scales healthy.

You must also try and find a spot for your habitat that is near a window or other source that will let natural sunlight in. it is often easy for your dragon to get the rays it requires if it is near natural sunlight throughout much of the day.

Bearded Dragon HabitatLook For Good Plants

Small plants can be added around your habitat as well. These small plants can include hibiscus and dracaena plants, for instance. Make sure the plants are nontoxic and that they have not been treated with any chemicals before added them into your Bearded Dragon Habitat. Good plants can create a bit of shade for your dragon to be in if it feels too warm. Branches can also be included for climbing purposes but they must be large and sturdy enough to handle the dragon’s weight and keep it from being irritated in any manner.

You must keep any Bearded Dragon Habitat that you have as comfortable as possible. Check on how light, heat and water are being used while also creating a surface on the bottom that will not irritate your dragon.

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