Be Careful When Choosing a Good Bearded Dragon

It might be relatively easy for you to find a bearded dragon these days through an appropriate breeder. However, you have to be careful when finding a great beardie. You can use these points when finding one that you will love to have in your life. Be sure to use these points properly so you will have a great dragon that is healthy and is not going to be much of a hassle to take care of.

Look For a Good Breeder

breedersWhile you could easily find a beardie at a pet store, you may want to look for a qualified breeder in your area instead. The problem with so many pet stores is that they focus on just trying to move out their bearded dragons and other animals as quickly as possible. Some pet stores may not fully understand how to take care of these animals.

A good beardie breeder will be someone that is easier to trust in and support for your general needs. A beardie breeder is someone who will take care of your pet by offering a sensible and appropriate diet while also keeping a healthy habitat ready with plenty of other dragons in a spot. This may prove to be better for your dragon’s welfare as it ensures that your pet will have been raised proper by someone who understands the ins and outs of taking care of this special type of animal.

Ask Your Breeder Questions

You must talk with your breeder about how that person has worked towards making sure the beardie one has is being taken care of the right way. Here are a few sensible questions that deserve to be asked:

  • Is the beardie from a line that has exhibited any health problems in the past? Ask to be as specific as possible.
  • How is the beardie treated on a daily basis? Try and see if you can get a peek at the environment that this pet is being raised in. Look to see that the environment is positive and comfortable without being stressful on the animal’s body.
  • Ask about the diet that the breeder is giving to your dragon of interest. Talk about whether this should be used for a longer period of time.
  • Ask about a breeder’s history based on what that party has done in the past. Avoid breeders that are not all that willing to divulge information on what they are doing with their pets.You have to choose these considerations for your bearded dragon to ensure that you’ll have a good pet that you will love to have around you. Be sure to check around so you will find a breeder that is safe to do business with and won’t be much of a threat for any purpose.

What Is the Length?

6 inches and longerAlways look for a bearded dragon that is more than six inches in length. It is easier to take care of a slightly older dragon that has grown by a bit than it is to take care of a much smaller dragon that might be easily fragile or can become easily stressed out.

The dividing point between a young dragon and an adult dragon is around ten inches. This means that you might have an easier time raising a dragon that is longer than ten inches as it is more likely to be mature. This does not mean that you don’t have to go after one that is shorter in length. The key is to just find one that is easy to handle and will not be fragile or otherwise weak to the point where it can be easily injured.

See That Your Beardie Is Active

It’s not unusual for many beardies for sale to be ones that are possible worn out or lethargic in some manner. You need to find a beardie that is active and is not going to look or feel all that worn out. Choose a beardie whose eyes are active and alert and look to see that it can move its head properly. Choose one that is clearly going to see things properly and will not be lazy or easily tired. Any kind of beardie that is not lazy or worn out in some way will always be a healthier one to have.

active beardie

An active bearded dragon is one that is healthy and will be more likely to pay attention to you. You have to take a careful look around at a dragon like this so you will find something that you know is worth having in your life and will be well worth the care that you have to offer for it.

Look For Unusual Points

Bearded dragon breeders will do what they can to ensure that their animals are healthy. They will try to take care of all the sores, bumps, parasites or other things that a young dragon might get into over time. You need to consult a breeder about any unusual things that a dragon has developed to see if you can find one that is healthy and will not be as likely to have serious health problems down the road.

You should be observant of the appearance of a dragon that you want to buy. Look to see if its scales or colors are unusual or if there are any bits of pus or other items coming out of its body. These are often signs that a dragon might be bearing with serious health issues or at least be at risk of serious problems after a while.

The beardie’s eyes should not be runny either. Runny eyes are often a sign of a beardie looking worn out or ill. You have to avoid a beardie with these eyes as they might look worn out or otherwise irritated. Be careful when looking into this part of a beardie for any interest you might have with it.

Be careful when finding a great bearded dragon that you will love to have. A bearded dragon is one that attractive and charming and should be taken care of quite well. Be sure that you look for the right one that you’ll love to have in your life.

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