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What Type of Habitat Cage Is Great For Your Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons thrive well in well-made habitats that are kept under control and calm. It’s a necessity to have a habitat that is well-lit and has a good temperature setting to it. A spot with plenty of space to run around in and enough room for food and other items can always be important. Having a great habitat for your bearded dragon is important as it ensures your pet will have a great place to live in without worrying about serious problems coming out of what you want to get for your animal.


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Still, not every single cage is alike. There are many cages to consider based on what they are made out of. These are good cages that are made with a variety of materials that are suitable for a beardie’s habitat. They are all different in terms of how they are made and have their own particular qualities that you have to look into if you want something that’s healthy and great for your beardie to live in.


Melamine is a wooden material that is popular for being rather thin and can be used for many furniture items. You can use melamine on a case and cut it around to create a brilliant appearance that can be detailed and interesting. Still, you must be careful as melamine can be rather heavy.

You might need to get some glass on the sides of the walls as well. Melamine is a solid material and needs to be treated with only the right type of surface that you will enjoy having in your space.


PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a very popular plastic polymer material that is used in many construction projects. You can use PVC to create a great cage for your beardie but you must make sure you keep it cut as well as possible.

PVC is designed to be light in weight and will still keep a sturdy look so it will not be at risk of damages. This makes for a strong body that you will enjoy using.

PVC is also a rather easy material for you to cut through. You can quickly get different holes carved into the sides of a spot so you can allow air to move through quite well. You need plenty spaces for air to move around with care to ensure that you’ll have enough coverage for keeping your space comfortable for your beardie. Of course, the holes should be cut to where they will not be easy to crawl out or nor will they be easy for a beardie to actually claw through and roughen up.

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Is Glass Worthwhile?

Glass cages can be interesting as they may be thick and designed with clear bodies. These will allow light to go through quite well while giving you a full view of your bearded dragon.

Still, glass can be rather heavy and could be scratched easily. You’ll have to keep a habitat cage like this as well-anchored to a base as possible so it will not be at risk of falling off or shattering.

Also, a glass material should be prepared with a secure cover that allows air to move through just fine. A good cover with ventilation holes is certainly required as it might be a challenge to get these holes ready inside a glass surface, what with the material being so thick and tough to prepare.

Also, while glass can be interesting, you need to choose something that you know isn’t going to cause the dragon’s color to wear out. Glass is not always a good insulator, thus allowing air to move around to where the dragon’s coat might be hurt. The color on the coat might wear out, thus causing the dragon to have a dull appearance to it. Of course, this is not going to be much of an issue for dragons that don’t have much of a color to them but you should at least be careful when finding something that you know is worth trying.

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How Is the Grate Made?

A cage should have a good grate on the side or top. This will allow air to move in but it will also give you a space to open up for when you need to add things into your habitat or when you need to get the bearded dragon out for any purpose. The grate can be important but you have to be careful when finding something that you know will be perfect to handle.

You must choose something with openings that are less than half an inch in size each. This is a good size that ensures that you’ll have enough air moving around in the cage without the beardie possibly being able to get out.

A good metallic body can be used on the grate as well but you should try and aim for something that is still light in weight. PVC, as mentioned earlier, is a good option to have as it is light in weight and easy to prepare in a good shape for a grate to add onto the main body of your habitat.

But How Big?

Regardless of the habitat you choose, you must make sure the option you go after is large enough for your dragon to live in. A smaller dragon that is less than a year old could live well in a habitat that is about ten to twenty gallons in size.

However, an adult should live in a habitat that is at least fifty gallons in size. You can go for a sixty-gallon option if you want but you must make sure you are careful when getting this ready. You need to create a habitat that the dragon can thrive in but you don’t want it to be too large to the point where your dragon might become easily disoriented.

Be careful when you are trying to get a great habitat ready for your bearded dragon. As amazing as this animal can be, you must choose a habitat that you know is healthy and has a good feeling to it for your dragon to live in.

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